Реферат статьи о сафлоре для Конгресса Agribalcan в г. Эдирне, Турция

Реферат статьи о сафлоре, подходящем для получения сафлорового чая, для III Международного Сельскохозяйственного Конгресса Agribalcan в г. Эдирне, Турция, проходившего 29 августа 1 сентября 2021 года.

III. Balkan Agricultural Congress


Aybatsha Zhubanysheva , Anuar Zhubanyshev  & Kanagat Baymagambetova


Subject Area: FIELD CROPS


As a result of ecological variety testing of safflower at Aktobe Agricultural Experimental Station, new varieties and variety samples were developed that are highly productive in petals intended for obtaining therapeutic safflower tea.

Methods and results of research.

Safflower is a new oilseed crop for the Aktobe region. A significant proportion of safflower samples obtained from the international center CIMMYT (Mexico), and in recent years from VIR (St. Petersburg, Russia), the State Scientific Institution “Nizhne-Volzhsky Research Institute of Agriculture” (Volgograd, Russia), the Caspian Research Institute of Arid Agriculture, Kazakh Research Institute of Agriculture and Plant growing”.

The safflower gene pool at the Agricultural Experimental Station of Aktobe comprises more than 100 samples. According to the results of the EVT, the Akhram variety of safflower was created and transferred to the State variety testing. It exhibits high ecological plasticity and seed and petal yield.

Comparative studies on the yield and quantitative content of the petals (rims) of flower in the context of safflower varieties and variety samples were conducted in the breeding experiment, along with the study of productivity. The collection of flower petals by varieties was made in the phase of the beginning of seed ripening, with an aim to study the yield of flower petals of safflower in the nursery of competitive variety testing. Regarding the late-ripening varieties “Akhram” and “Aqbayan” the largest number of petals was contained at one plant – 1.79-1.51 g, and at 100 plants – 33.6-32.5 g.

The actual timing of harvesting the flower mass was 5-6 kg / ha. The highest quantitative indicator of the yield of safflower by-products (flower beaters) was noted for late-ripening varieties, in which each plant has the highest number of baskets. The creation of late ripening varieties with high yields of the flower mass has a prospect.

Keywords: safflower, safflower tea, petals, plant, oil-seed crop, variety, breeding

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